Painting allows me to truly see the world in a way that I often miss as a casual observer in my everyday lifefor example, the many colors in nature and how light and shadows give objects form. I began painting a number of years ago on summer vacations in Maine. I soon realized that when painting I am able to let go of my thoughts and worries and be fully present in the moment with whatever I am observing and the painting itself.


I paint in watercolor which allows me to easily paint Plein Aire (in the open air) when the weather allows. I prefer to paint outside which allows me to experience the environment as wellthe sun or mist, the wind, the smells, and the sounds that surround me. Much of my inspiration is drawn from coastal New England landscapes. I am fortunate to be able to live on beautiful Plum Island, Massachusetts surrounded by colorful and expansive marshes, dunes and ocean views. 


I’ve had some wonderful painting teachers over the years. Lee Boynton, and Gary Tucker. . Alan Bull and Susan Spellman have been great drawing teachers as well.


I am a member of the Newburyport Art Association. My work has been in three recent juried shows there, the spring and fall 2014 members juried shows and the spring 2014 Regional juried show.